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ASM = Assistant Scoutmaster

B-P = Lord Baden-Powell who started the Boy Scouts in 1907 — it spread worldwide.

CDF = California Division of Forestry

CIEC = California Inland Empire Council

Commissioner = Highest office of a non-professional who acts as liason (sic) between the professionals and the volunteers.

Distinguished Eagle = The highest award in Scouting, but not a Scout-given award; is given by the peers of his profession; to an Eagle Scout with 25 years of active service to Scouting; awarded for excellence in a given profession.

Executive Board = Volunteers who sit as a board of advisors and direct the professionals in the Council corporation.

ISOMATA = Idyllwild School of Music and The Arts

IWD = Idyllwild Water District

LA = Los Angeles

LACC = Los Angeles County Council

LBC = Long Beach Council

LDS = Latter Day Saints

OA = Order of the Arrow; an honored campers’ service organization for Boy Scouts that uses American Indian as an inspiration, adults are only advisors (sic).

Region XII = Western division of Boy Scouts of America

RCC = Riverside County Council

RMRU = Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit—composed of volunteers.

Silver Antelope = Highest award given for service by a Region.

Silver Award = Highest award for an advisor to an Explorer Post.

Silver Beaver = Highest award given for service by a Council.

Silver Buffalo = Highest award given for service by National Boy Scout Headquarters.

SM = Scoutmaster, the adult leader in charge of a troop of Boy Scouts.

T = Troop or unit of Boy Scouts under the guidance of an adult leader.

USFS = United States Forest Service

Vigil Honor = Highest of three honors in the Order of the Arrow

XP = Explorer Post, a unit of older Scouts.

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