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This history was compiled as part of the Diamond Jubilee 75th Anniversary Celebration of Camp Emerson during 1994. The idea of a history began with conversations between Don Salva and Chris Manning while at Camp Emerson in 1990. Manning immediately began compiling information and writing.

During a 1991 Thanksgiving day event at camp, Manning, Salva, and Marv Goffman discussed the possibility of a 75th Anniversary Celebration. Later the Council Executive Board approved of their idea and Salva and Manning became co-chairmen of this event. The 1992 Wood Badge Staff Conferences gave the opportunity for Salva, Manning and Goffman to be joined by Mike Downs. He headed the Camp Emerson Long Range Task Force designed to revitalize and refurbish Camp Emerson so it could take its former position of being a premier Boy Scout camp. Norm Mellor volunteered as co-historian.

Chris Manning: Life Scout, T-5 Riverside, Webelos Leader, ASM, Chairman of the Council Catholic Committee, Executive Board 1990 on, Silver Beaver 1990.

Don Salva: SM, T-6, Riverside, Heroism Award for Lifesaving 1989, Executive Board 1994, Silver Beaver 1990.

Marv Goffman: SM, Vigil Honor OA, OA Advisor (sic), Executive and Advisory Boards 1979 on, California Inland Empire Council President 1992, Silver Beaver 1979. He originated the President’s Rendevous (sic) at Camp Emerson, 1992.

Mike Downs: Eagle Scout T-54, SM T-54, Executive Board 1994, Silver Beaver 1993, was a third-generation Scouter.

Norm Mellor: Eagle Scout T-13, Riverside, Executive and Advisory Boards 1953 on, Silver Beaver 1964, first attended Camp Emerson in 1929, and received his 65-year Veteran Award at the Diamond Jubilee. He was Temescal District Citizen of the Year 1984. He received the Distinguished Eagle for Medicine in 1984.

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