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2004 ABC News Segment

In 2004, Bob Banfield with ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News visited Camp Emerson to film a segment. At the time, the bark beetle infestation was killing millions of trees in California forests. The camp, through donations from several volunteers, purchased a saw mill that was used to cut lumber from the dead trees.

Many of the temporary cabins South of Strawberry Creek in the main part of camp are made with lumber from these projects. In particular, volunteers Gary Hatton, Frank Sydow, and Leon Correz, made regular trips to the camp for the lumber to be cut and the construction of these cabins. They worked with then-Ranger Jeff Loefke on these projects.

Scott Hatton was able to capture the 2004 segment in the news and it is included below:

Lead-In Segment

Full News Segment

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